Pistol Fundamentals I - Beginner Training


Dragon Risk Management Inc. (DRM) is proudly presenting Pistol Fundamentals I. This course is designed to introduce pistol shooting to the novice. This is a 3 hour introductory training that will teach you how to safely handle a pistol and some of the fundamental skills of pistol shooting including proper gripping of the pistol, sight alignment, and recoil control. Graduates of this training will qualify to take follow up training with DRM.


This training is limited to 4 shooters per session at a private range to provide the best instruction to our participants without interruption from others. Training will take place at an indoor range and it will not be affected by adverse weather.


.22LR pistol is a perferred training platform for the novice. However, 9mm pistol is also suitable if that is your choice of pistol. Participants will provide their own pistol and 150 rounds of reliable ammunition from a reputable manufacturer. Eyes and hearing protections are mandatory.


Due to gun range limitation, pistol calibre larger than .45 or magnum calibre are not allowed. 


A limited number of .22LR and 9mm pistols are available for rent. Please contact us for more details.



Langley Rod & Gun Club

3854 208St, Langley, BC


Date & Time:

TBA - Let us know your preferred date & time and we could do our best to accommodate.


If the minimum number of participants isn't reached and the training is cancelled by DRM, clients have the option of rescheduling or receiving a full refund.


Feel free to contact us at dragonriskmanagement@shaw.ca if you prefer etransfer.

  • Thank you for your interest. This session is currently at full capacity. We are scheduling future sessions and we will announce future dates in the upcoming weeks. Please contact us and let us know if you have a particular date and time in mind. We will accommondate you as best as we can, and you will be placed on a priority list for an upcoming session.