Long Range Shooting Event


This event is designed to help you to recognize your ability to engage targets that are much further away compared to your local shooting range. This is very important for hunters, precision shooters and other competitve shooters who don't have access to shoot further than 300m at our local shooting range. Until you have access to an extended distance, you will not experience how the wind and other environmental factors are affecting your shots.  


We encouraging our participants to challenge themselves. They will engage targets at unknown distance after they acquired their fire solutions.  This is your opportunity to test your kit, build your Distance From Previous Engagement (DOPE), collect load data and any other information you need for your next successful hunt/competition. 


Steel targets will be set up by our staffs and those targets will be situated between 500m to 1100m pending on the shooter's ability and their equipments. Shooters will be arriving on site to participate in safety brief, and they will be guide to the designate shooting area. Staffs will be on hand to act as RSO and supervising the event.


This is not a formal training course. There will be no formal training offered as this is an event created to let shooters experiencing engaging at a target distance that are not normally available to them. Extended range shooting training is currently being develop by our Training Division. Please feel free to contact us for more info.


This maximum number of participants for this clinic is 8. 


Equipment list:

  • A non-restricted rifle capable to engage target up to 1.1km
  • Minimum 100 rounds of reliable match ammunition
  • Spotting scope (optional)
  • Range finder (optional)
  • Bi-pod/tripod (recommended)
  • Shooting mat (optional)
  • Shooting bags (recommended)
  • Ballistic computer/Kestrel etc (optional)
  • Tools to make adjustment on your optic/rifle (recommended)
  • Pen & papers (recommended)
  • Lunch, water, snacks (Highly recommended)
  • Eyes and ears protection (mandatory)
  • Weather appropriated clothings (Highly recommended)


Date: TBA


You should be familier with your equipments and your rifle should be zeroed prior to the start of the day.


This 1-day event will take place approximately 2 hours east of Vancouver. It will take place entirely in the outdoor, therefore, you will need to dress for the weather. There will be no food service, therefore, you need to bring your lunch/water/snacks. 


We will meet at a designated location near the site and convey into our shooting area to minimize the environment impact. An off-road capable vehicle is ideal, but not necessary, to reach the destination. Further details will be provided once your registration is completed.


We can also customize your event for your group. Please contact us for more information.