Low Light Pistol Training Preparation - Morning Module


Dragon Risk Management Inc. is a premiere provider of low light firearms training in Western Canada. Our training division has been providing low light pistol shooting training to law enforcement agents, military personnel, competitive shooters and recreational shooters in the Lower Mainland since 2021. 


To enroll into the Low Light Pistol Training Lv I or II, participants must demonstrate their ability to load, draw from a holster, clear malfunctions and perform single hand shooting. These fundamental skills are absolute essential for succeess in advanced training like Low Light Pistol Training Lv I & II. Some candidates may unknowingly overestimate their abilities that utlimately lead to safety concerns. This is a safety issue and we will not compromise.


Our training division wants to set our shooters to be successful and excel in their area of interest. To uphold of our high training and safety standard, we are offering our Low Light Pistol Training Preparation to the new participants. This 2.5 hour long preparation module is designed to identify shooters who possess all the fundamental and safety skills required for advance training. Each participant is evaluate individually and your skills will be tested. Formal feedback will be provided to you for your future training reference. This training module is not designed to offer formal instructions, although guidances and tips will be provided upon request. To those who require further training in the fundamental skills, we have Pistol Fundamental I&II trainings available to assist you. 


When registrating for the module, please ensure you are register to the session you desire. There is a morning and afternoon session to suit your schedule and they are posted seperately.



Due to gun range limitation, pistol calibre larger than .45 or magnum calibre are not allowed. 



Langley Rod & Gun Club

3854 208St, Langley, BC


Date & Time:

February 27, 2022  from 9am to 11:30am


Equipment list:

Reliable pistol & minimum 3 magazines

150 rounds of factory loaded ammunition

Sturdy belt/gun belt

Holster (non-serpa type)

Snap caps (Optional)



We are looking forward to see you on the line.



If you prefer alternate payment method, we accept e-transfer. Please contact us for e-transer information.