Dynamic Shotgun I


Dragon Risk Management Inc. is proud to partner with BCFirearmsacademy to present you with Dynamic Shotgun I on April 29th, 2022.


Shotgun is not obsolete. It is still a well suited plateform in hunting and other tactical applications. A shotgun can carry out task that other weapon platforms might not be suitable, such as door breaching and interchangable ammunitions to engage near and far targets. This course will give you the knowledge and skills to employ a shotgun in a tactical environment. This means you will be learning malfunction clearance, emergency reload, shooting under stress, and use of cover. Once the candidates demonstrated their ability to advance to a higher level, they will be shooting on the move, engaging multiple targets, and shooting from unorthodox positions to end the training day.


This is a pre-req for Dynamic Shotgun II.


Be prepare to get dirty!




-Good working, serviceable shotgun (single barrel – pump or semi) with an adjustable 2 point sling. Shotgun must be capable of shooting standard slugs. If the barrel has a removable choke, the choke must be IC (Improved Cylinder) or larger.

- 300 rounds of reliable, factory ammunition consists of: -- Minimum of 175 rounds of birdshot (7 1/2 to 9) -- 12 - 15 rounds of 00 Buck -- 100 rounds of slug- Eyes and hearing protection

- Suitable clothings and footwear for outdoor shooting

- Snacks and lunch

- Water

- Pen and paper for notes taking (optional)






Date & Time:

April 29th, 2022 (Friday) from 0900 to 1600hrs.


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