About Dragon




Dragon was founded with the mission of helping the world run smoothly with a minimum of unpleasant surprises. That takes confidence and knowledge. Our current services are focused on building personal confidence of the individual through firearms training. We're here to help everyday Canadians become better versions of themselves. Nobody can predict the future, but they can prepare for it. Whether in business, firearms training or life, good decisions are the difference between failure and success. We help you make more of them. 


Born to meet challenges

EST 2021

Founder Andy Yung retired after 17 1/2 years with the RCMP and over 10 years with the Canadian Armed Forces.


Andy graduated from Simon Fraser University with a MA in Terrorism, Risk and Security Studies in 2020. 

He idenitified a gap in Canadian firearms training programs, and in the general outlook towards guns. 

Many under-represented people are eager to become competent with them. 

They want to feel empowered and confident, but are uncertain as to where to turn or what to do. 

Many look at existing ranges and training and think, “Is this really for me?” 


By combining human-based firearms training with risk management services, Dragon offers a bridge for these people to access the world of safe, effective, exciting firearms use. 

Dragon’s mission is to dispel fear— about guns, risk and life. 

The goal is to help people make better choices and enjoy more of life.


Dragon’s long term goal is to also provide human-based risk management services to corporations that are looking for a better way. 


The Range

For those who want to shoot a variety of handguns and rifles, The Range in Langley has a large selection of firearms for you to choose from. They are open to the public and no firearms license required.

Visit www.therangelangley.com  to learn more